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Bruno in real life



Bruno is so balanced, socialized and well-raised that he can go on holiday without me. Take a look here, where you find pictures taken in his holidays on Trentino’s mountain with our friend Fabio.

15 Months old
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life
I am proud to introduce you Cherberus Vom Sutumer Grund For friends Bruno ! Bruno Is a stunning white swiss shepherd, very white… swiss shepherd!

He’s shortcoated but he carries long coat gene.

13 Months old stretching Bruno
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life






He’s strong and well proportioned, but Not too heavy, as i like it to be, because a shepherd must be athletic, ready to run and jump.

He’s got a beautiful mascoline heah, full and correct theets, a nice expression, and he has already got a lot of good judgements on expo
4 Month Old
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life






Obviously, as i am a dog trainer, i did not forget to take care about his education and socialization, starting from the first moment he’s been with me. I took him around in every situation, and this is necessary to make him a good citizen.



4 Month Old Whit Pepsy the Kelpie
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life

in the right Bruno with “Pepsi”, an australian kelipe of about the same age, friend of him.






8 Months Old
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life






So, Bruno it’s not only a stunning healthy and athletic dog, he has got also a really nice character. These is possible thanks to a “good genethic”, obtained through a wonderfull selection work made by his breeder, and a good education/socialization i did later.

and, in this page, i’m here to explain it to you


Bruno and Uma
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life






In the right picture Bruno at 9 month, with a 40 days old pup in my kennel.

Bruno is sweet and patiend with pups, but, when necessary, he’s able to be strong and teach them pack rules.


11 month old at the sea.
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life

Because of my dogs are simply family dogs, and they do not pass theyr life in a box, they also do a lot of funny things, like every dog should be able to do.

And so they come with me on holydays, at the sea, up on mountains, at tke lake or they do have a bath in the river.

By the way, in a few words, we front together every situation life can offer to humans, and, obviously, to their not human partners too.

And this is important to make a dog a complete and balanced dog.
And, as you can see on pictures, Bruno has no problem in every situation i put him to.


Swimning at a river on mountain!
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real life


Bruno smiling at ferrara Buskers Festival
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real lifeFerrara Buskers festival
It’s an amazing International Street Musicians Festival that occours every year, in the last week of august.
As you can imagine, in those days on the streets of ferrara, the city where i was born and i still live, there is a lot of confusion, not only a lot of people and dogs, but music, clowns, fire-eaters and so on, in a few words a lot of stimuls.

And, obviously, we did not had problems in any situation.


Bruno relaxing at ferrara Buskers Night
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real lifeExtremely relaxed in a cahotic and full of people situation, yes, also by night… because the night it’s more scarry, but not for us!
In the night, after the day show around the streets in the center of the city, the music and the festival continues on a beautiful park above Ferrara’s istorical walls. Concerts, people plaiyng bongoes, a lot of dogs, people dancing and singing, again clawns and fire-heaters, and again, a lot of confusion…
but, we had no problem also here!


Bruno with children
Bruno15Mesi Bruno in real lifeAs i am a dog trainer, sometimes take part in events to help people understand dogs and well comunicate with them, and to let them know how much potential dog’s mind own, if well developed.
And, Bruno, has a lot of patience, he’s able to work with children for a lot of time with no sign of stress even if children often did not take care about a good comunication with dogs, and they often act with dogs like they do with other people, wich it’s not correct for dog’s ethics, but a well socialized and balanced dog will not suffer for that!

Finally, we can say Bruno it’s still young but for the moment he proved me he’s perfect, sociable with childs, adults and other dogs, he is equilibrated, he doesn’t want to be dominated by other dogs, but he’s not aggressive if not required, and he’s sweet and determianted with pups. He feels fine in every situation. Yes, we can say he’s the perfect family dog, with a little propension to protect, that it’s not really White Swiss Shepherd attitude,wich are more family dog rather than the “coloured cousins”, but, if it’s necessary, he’s able to use his not small body presence to front risks and bad people.

Some time people ask if really White Swiss Shepherd are scarry and really they doesn’t like to be touched by other people, Bruno it’s the living prove it’s not so. If everyone will socialize them and give them the right education,and if there is a good work selection behind, a White Swiss Shepherd dog can be a perfect company for every one in every situatuion and adventure, we can say a 360° perfect dog!


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