White Swiss Shepherd Pups

Long and Short coated
Will born about October 7th 2017


locandaTEMPEng F Litter

locandaTEMPEng F LitterFATHER:
Cherberus vom Sutumer Grund
(Kentalo vom Sutumer Grund x Viva la Vie of the White Wolves Home)
Italian Champion
TMC ApprovedBreeding Licence
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MOTHER:locandaTEMPEng F Litter
Demetra-Hope Heroes of the White Shepherds
(Handur vom Bozener Hof X
Mistyknights Hot Shot for White Knight)
4 xCAC – 2xCACIB – 1xRCAC – 2xBOB -1xBOS
In only 5 Expo at 20 Month old
TMC Training
Pedigree database

PSBCI Profile


Pups pedigree

Cherberus Vom Sutumer Grund, for friends “Bruno”, comes from Germany, from famous kennel owned by Manuela Bortel of whic he carries the name. Bruno is very open and searches always for contact from all people who wants to interact with him, and he has no problem in every today’s caothic situation.

Bruno is a stunning dog, almost always judged as Excellent. He closed Italian Champion at the end of July and we are waiting for papers. He is agule, well muscled, he is of a good size but not too heavy. But, most important, he’s healthy, perfect for every exam!

He has a good Character, he went on Holiday last year, alone with a friend of mine, and he was a perfect dog well balanced and with no problem in any sitation, this year it’s time for holidays for her daughter Ebony, as he had “to work” at home for this litter and she too is giving satisfaction to my friend and his girlfriend.

Bruno’s last litters gave good character pups, as some of them are training for pet therapy, obedience, detection, some of them live with child and people with physical handicap and they are simply perfect, All owners are happy of their dogs.

Mali (Demetra-Hope Heroes of the White Shepherd) comes from Germany too, bred from friend Ivetta Nyari, daughter of Handur vom Bozzener Hof (Ipo 2) e Grand Daughter of Bossanova von White Angel (Ipo 3), her mother is Africa Imported Mysticnights Hot Shot for White Knite, a beautiful and strong bitch. Mali, like Bruno, is niche with other dogs, childs and people, she has no fears in any situation and it’s in training for TMC test.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and exposed to a lot of stimulus and different situations, and they will be socialized everyday with dogs, people, childs , rumors and cats.