A Litter


The 9th of april 2011 7 pups are born, 4 boys and 3 girls


Lula_Baby Baron du Bois des Ternes

Baby Baron du Bois des Ternes
(Tracker du Bois des Ternes X Eole de VI Pasay)
HDA – ED0/1 – MDR +/+
Champion Suisse 2009
Champion jeune suisse 2008
Champion du Luxembourg 2009 DEUTSCHER CHAMPION 2010 BOB Winner WSÖ ALPENTROPHY 2010
Baron’s Blog
Pedigree Database



Lola of Jackie’s White Flake Farm
(Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng X
Munja Jado of the Heart of Lothian)
HDA – ED0/0 – MDR +/-
Giovane Promessa ENCI 2009
2 X CAC – 6 x BOB
Pedigree Database

3 month old
sweet and perfect
she respects
rules and is very sweet
border collie pups
60 days
Dark Blue Collar Achilius Dark Angel
long coated stud
Blue Collar Aidan Lord of Fire
long coated stud
Green Collar Alter Ego
long coated stud
Black Collar Arthur White King
long coated stud
Yellow Collar Abigael White Witch
short coated bitch
Red Collar Alice in Wonderland
short coated bitch
White Collar Amelie Sweet Girl
long coated bitch


38 days
30 days, now it’s possible to understand who is shortcoated and who is longcoated. All 4 boys are longcoated, 2 girls are shortcoated and one girl is longcoated they have very dark nose and feet, and nails are becoming black!


16 days, first – games and explorations…
11 days boys-on the left and girls on the center, all together in the right


First Day
Alitter_secondogiornob Alitter_secondogiorno