C Litter


Pups are born on may 6th 2013, 4girls and 3 boys.
FULL FCI 4 generation pedigree!
Both parents are longcoat carrier so it may born some longhaired pups too
No one pup in this litter run the risk to be affected from degenerative mielopathy!

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Destiny Boydu Bois des Ternes
(Guest Star of Luna Legacy x Alias du Bois Des ternes)
HDB – ED BL – MDR +/+ – DM N/N
Destiny Boydu Bois des Ternes
(Guest Star of Luna Legacy X Alias du Bois Des ternes)
HDB – ED BL – MDR +/+ – DM N/N
Italian Champion
Sviss Champion
Croatian Champion
Slovenian Champion
San Marino Young Champion
Campione Sociale PSBCI 2011
Slovenjan Winner 2012
TOP DOG Italia 2011

Chaud’s profile on PSBCI site
Chaud on Pedigree Database


Lola of Jackie’s White Flake Farm
(Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng X
Munja Jado of the Heart of Lothian)
HDA – ED0/0 – MDR +/- DM N/DM
Giovane Promessa ENCI 2009
2 X CAC – 6 x BOB

Lula’s profile on PSBCI site
Lula on Pedigree Database




Pup’s Pedigree

After the beautiful pups born from Lula and Baby baron du Bois des Ternes, Lula “get married” with another multichampion coming from Nathalie Turetta’s french kennel “Bois des Ternes”, and the stud is Destiny Boy du Boius des Ternes, for friends “Chaud”

Lula (lola of jackie’s white flake farm) comes from switzerland, she’s son of Brasil. imported Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng,

3 of the 7 pups of the past litter were taken to show, and they all get excellent judge, Alice in wonderland became italian champion at only 2 years old and is young Slovenian Champion.

C -“Rock” Litter

7 Weeks Old Pups

Collar Boy
Cowboys From Hell
Collar Boy
Calling Elvis
(Dire Straits)
Collar Boy
Comfortably Numb
(Pink Floyd)

White Collar Girl
(the) Crystal Ocean
(the Mission)

Yellow Collar Girl
Cherry Lips

Pink Collar Girl
Cloud Nine

Collar Girl
Communication Breakdown
(Led Zeppelin)



19 Days Old Pups

Collar Boy
Collar Boy
Collar Boy
Collar Girl
Collar Girl
Collar Girl
Collar Girl




Some pictueres of “Daddy Chaud”

Some pictures of “Mummy Lula”


In the first picture Abigael White Witch, in the second and third pictures Aidan Lord of
Fire, at 15 month old, son of lula’s past litter with and Baby Baron.


In the first picture Arthur White King ,in the second picture Amelie Sweet Girl , in the third and fourth pictures Alice in Wonderland, son of lula’s past litter with and Baby Baron too.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and socialized everyday with people rumors and cats.

They will be dewormed and vaccinated, and they will have full FCI pedigree (4 generation long pedigree)