E Litter


Long and Short Coated White Swiss Shepherds Pups.

On 24th of march 2016, our E litter is born, the last litter for Lula who after that, will only be “uncle” and “grand mother” for our pups and dogs.


Cherberus vom Sutumer Grund
(Kentalo vom Sutumer Grund x Viva la Vie of the White Wolves Home)
Campione Italiano (In approvazione)
TMC Superato -Breeding Licence
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Lola of Jackie’s White Flake Farm

(Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng X
Munja Jado of the Heart of Lothian)
2 X CAC – 6 x BOB
Pedigree Database
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Pups Pedigree

herberus Vom Sutumer Grund, for friends “Bruno”, comes from Germany, from famous kennel owned by Manuela Bortel of wich he carries the name. Bruno is very open and searches always for contact from all people who wants to interact with him, and he has no problem in every today’s caotic situation.

Bruno is a stunning dog, almost allways judged as Excellent. He needs only another CAC to become Italian Champion. He is agule, well muscled, he is of a good size but not too heavy.
But, most important, he’s healthy, perfect for every exam!

Lula (lola of jackie’s white flake farm) comes from switzerland, she’s daughter of Brasil imported Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng, and Munjia of the hearth of the Lothian.

She has a really open and confidential character, sweet with pups cats child and all people too, she has no fears, no problem with rumors or place full of people and confusion, and she is a fantastic mum for her pups, and not only with her sons, she accept every pup like it’s her pup! But she too don’t have problem with adults too.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and exposed to a lot of stimulus and different situations, and they will be socialized everyday with dogs, people, child , rumors and cats.


57 Days Old Pups

Black Collar Boy – Epic Dream

Violet Collar Girl – Eirwen

Blue Collar Girl – Energy Drink

Red Collar Engel – Engel

Green Collar Girl – Ebony

Yellow Collar Girl – Evil in White – Only one Longcoated


Six Weeks Old Pups

Black Collar Boy – Epic Dream



Blue Collar Girl – Energy Drink


red Collar Girl – Engel


Green Collar Girl – Ebony

Lullini16-6wVerde Lullini16-6wVerdeS

yellow Girl – Evil in White – Only one Longcoated

Lullini16-6wGialla Lullini16-6wGiallaS


One Month Old Pups

Red Collar Girl

Femminuccia Collare Rosso

Yellow Collar Girl

Femminuccia Collare Giallo

Violet Collar Girl

Femminuccia Collare Viola

Green Collar Girl

Femminnuccia Collare Verde

Black Collar Boy

Maschietto Cllare Nero

Blue Collar Girl

Femminuccia Collare Blu


One Week Old Pups

cucciolo pastore svizzero bianco cuccioli pastore svizzero bianco brullini7d