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I Litter

Long and Shoth Coated White Swiss Shepherds Pups Expcted for Spring 2020

Ferrara – Emilia Romagna


locanda I Litter

locanda I Litter Bland Blaez vom Weissen Unterberg
(Ley vom Altvistal IPO3 x Olina Fliegeland IPO1)
Junior Slovenian Champion
B-BH passed
Back: free
OCD: free
Heart: normal
Eyes: normal
Ears (BAER): normal
MDR1: +/+
HUU: free
MH: free
Pedigree Database Blaez



MOTHER:locanda I Litter
(Cherberus vom Sutumer-Grund X
Lola of Jackie’s White Flake Farm)
HDA – ED1MDR1 +/- – DM N/N
Pet Therapy Licence
Character Test Passed
Selected Bitch
Pedigree database
PSBCI Profile



Pups pedigree


Blaez is a very handsome stud living in Slovenia, owned by Maša Hönigsman, healthy and with a good character, easy to train and happy to work with his owner. Blaez is also father of Era’s 2019 litter. Era (Baiuland Evil in White) is Ebony’s. Her pups are nice looking, open character and nice to train as expected, so i confirm the 2019 choice for this stud also for Ebony’s 2020 litter.

Ebony is shortocated but she carries long coat, so pups wull be probably 50% longcoated and 50% shortcoated carrying longcoat.

Baiuland Ebony, for us only Ebony, is the daughter of our Bruno (Cherberus vom Sutumer-Grund) and Lula (Lola of Jackie’s White Flake Farm). She’s very nice and elegant,  with a open and happy character. She loves children and contact with people. She gained Pet Therapy licence and is in training to became a rescue dog. She is Selected Bitch, it means she passed Club Character Test, she got Excellent in a White Swiss Shepherd Club Show and she has health test ok.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and exposed to a lot of stimulus and different situations, and they will be socialized everyday with dogs, people, childs , rumors and cats.

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