Moonlight Shadow “Maat”

for friends “MAAT”

Moonlight ShadowLI 21177375 – Chip: 380260043616632


Maat’s further genetic traits (EMBARK)
Pedigree Database
Character Test Passed
BH-VT Passed

Romagna winner 2022
picture with honorable Judg Leos Jancik (CZ) for BOB in Cesena, Forlì CACIB, Genuary 30th 2022
and with Crimson King Umbiran Roses, BOS and JBOB.

moonligt shadow

Moonlight shadow, for friends Maat (in ancient Egyptian religion, Maat is the personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order), is a beautiful bitch, with open and collaborative character, she has no fears and likes people and any situation. We too play agility. She is an “RSR”, that means her parents are not certified, she has “first generation green pedigree”, because her mother had not pedigree. But as she is so nice and with good character, she is healthy and for an half with completely different bloodlines respect all wws, i decidet to take her with us and use her for my breeding program. I love “short haired” that I’m biased for, but apparently it didn’t just get a pedigree as she seems to be a white swiss sheperd, it really seems she appeals to the judges as she is correct for 347 standard, so much correct that she almost got only excellent and cac or rcac. For this reason the first idea to call her “lucky Strike” would perfectly fit her, as she is born in a not planned litter, but seems to be a really good dog, at last we decided to call her Moonlight Shadow as she were born on a “supermoon night”.





Maat Plays Agility and gained CSEN and FCI senior class



Nat R. Emilia Dec 5th 2021 Open Bitches 2° EX RCAC Miodrag Nikic (RS)
Int. Imola Gen 27th 2022 Open Bitches 1° EX CAC CACIB BOB Marco Pedro Lopez (IT)
Int. Rimini Gen 28th 2022 Open Bitches 1° EX CAC CACIB BOB Bruno Mafezzoni (IT)
Nat. Lugo Gen 29th 2022 Open Bitches 1° VG Fabrizio La Rocca (IT)
Int. Forli Gen 30th 2022 Open Bitches 1° EX CAC CACIB BOB Leos Jancik (CZ)
Nat. Bologna Mar 27th 2022 Open Bitches 1° VG Hans Almgren (SE)
Nat. Gonzaga Jun 11 th 2022 Open Bitches 1° EX CAC Francesco Balducci (IT)
Club Show Volta Mantovana Sep 11 th 2022 Open Bitches 2° EX RCAC Alessandro Zeppi (IT)
Club Show Campobasso April 29th 2023 Open Bitches 1° EX RCAC Piero Antonini (IT)
Special Show Prato June 19 th 2023 Open Bitches 3° VG Uwe Nolke (DE)
Club Show Casteggio (PV)  Oct 1st 2023 Open Bitches 2° EX RCAC Ferdinando Asnaghi (IT)
Club Show Varese Nov 5th 2023 Open Bitches 2° EX RCAC Elizabet Caminade-Levault (GB)
Club Show Roma Nov 17th  2023 Open Bitches 3° EX Silva Zeferino José Cardoso (PT)
Club Show Enci Winner Bologna Dec 16th 2023 Open Bitches 2° EX RCAC  Bruno Nodalli (IT)