O Litter

White Swiss Shepherd Shortcoated Pups, with Sport attitude
Born March 1st 2024

6 Male, 3 Female
Last male available Ozzy Osbourne



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King Arthur von drei Eichen
VDH/BVWS 2021R02720 – Chip: 276098800221489
DM N/N  – DW N/N –  HUU N/N  –  MDR +/+  – CH N/N
First Generation Pedigree
UPr 2

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Working Dog
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MOTHER:Moonlight Shadow
LI 21177375 – Chip: 380260043616632
MDR1 Carrier

Maat doesn’t carry longoat
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First Generation Pedigree
PSBCI Character Test Passed
BH Approved
Agility Segnor CSEN
Agility 2 ENCI (FCI)

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Pups pedigree



King Arthur von drei eichenHe’s currently the white Swiss Shepherd with the highest drive i’ve ever seen. Enthusiast for work, fast and reactive. He plays different jobs with success. But this is not the only reason why we wanted him for our O litter, her owner Sonja does a lot of activityes with arthur, he’s fearless, sociable, nice with childs, and least but not last, also a good looking boy.
His pedigree is not the same pedigree of a lot of WWS, with always same dogs, and this is another good reason to chioose Arthur,
For all those reason i was taking on eye Arthur from months. And finally, after i asked Sonja if she will agree to lent me Arthur, our dream will come true. Maat and i went in Mainz to meet them 2nd of january.Now let’s see if owr Expectations will be met.


Moonlight Shadow for friens MAAT is a beautiful short-haired female. Born on February 19, 2019, the night in which there was the “supermoon”, for this reason her “official” name is Moonlight Shadow. Maat on the other hand, her house name, is the name of the Egyptian deity of justice and truth. She is an “RSR”, it means she has first generation FCI pedigree, she has been registered as a breed’s progenitor in the Italian Supplementary Register of Recognized (RSR).

Moonlight ShadowMaat had not a pedigree as her  mother does not have a pedigree too, in fact Maat is the daughter of a so called “lucky strike”, between Bruno and an undocumented shepherd bitch with a strong aptitude for work. Mum is however a both temperamentally and morphologically healthy and interesting subject, so Maat is interesting too, for the new blood she can introduce and because she is more inclined to work than the average of white Swiss shepherds currently in circulation. Maat is a nice looking bitch, she has 5 res CAC in special show, and in italy is very hard to close championship due to the need of 2 cac in club show, wich are a few in a year, so we need another cac or usable res cac to close, and it means she has the qualities to become italian champion. We hope to close soon as pups will go in new families.

Maat  would also have been suitable for IGP, even according to our helper who complimented us, but unfortunately due to COVID, she obtained RSR only at almost 3 years old. As IGP is very demanding in in time and money, I did not undertake the discipline with her, not even being sure that she would have obtained pedigree, in fact, if she had been refused, play IGP would have no sense. By the way, we attended the ground for a while in spring 2022 to see how she behaves, and it seems that she would be play it very good.

Moonlight ShadowHowever, I have been practicing agility for 20 years and I was already playing it with another dog, so we at least started doing that, also because agility is a discipline wich could have practiced without obtaining the pedigree. Maat has already reached the CSEN segnor category in a short time from her debut as well as the second ENCI agility class, where she has already achieved 2 result of the 3 necessary to pass in the third class. We will maybe train for IGP a pup out of this litter, starting from the right age.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and exposed to a lot of stimulus and different situations, and they will be socialized everyday with dogs, people, childs , rumors and cats.

Maat does not carries long coat, so pups wull be all shortcoated carrying longcoated shortcoated.


We espect super puppies from this litter!!!

Pups are in my opinion, very interesting for breeders, if you are searching a healthy and nice dog, or a little different bloodline, and swuitable for working,  but they will be also perfect as family dog.

Pups will born and grow at home, they will be manipulated and exposed to a lot of stimulus and different situations, and they will be socialized everyday with dogs, people, childs , rumors and cats.

60 days old pups

I boys:

Blu – Baiuland O’Sirio My Sun

Black – Baiuland Orian Arthur William

Dark Green – Baiuland Orlando Furioso

Light Blue – Baiuland Overclock Error

Grey- Baiuland Ozzy Osbourne

Light Green – Baiuland Ocean Rain


Violet – Baiuland On My Way Abigail

Red – Baiuland Onyxia

Yellow- Baiuland Over the Moon