Our Kennel


Dogs are passion for me a, a way of life, we can say a mania. I live with and for them, when i’m not at work, i spend almost all of my time for them.

Yes, when i’m not at work… because i’ve got a job, for the moment, i can’t live with money earned by selling pups.

Breeding is an hard, it’s difficult and it needs time money and knoledge. I breed about only one litter for year, and the money remains from selling, is reinvested for dogs and all regards them. Expo, school, food, gadgets, and… vets. As you know, sometimes something can go wring, with bitch giving birth or if they have a trauma, or if they may need to be operated and so on, and, i’ve not only active young bitches, but also old or not as healthy to be bred dogs, so… it’s very difficult to live only by selling dogs with all the money needed to take care about of all them.

I’ve got “only” 7 dogs at the moment, because i want them to stay all together and free in my house, and not in a box. They sleep with me, they come on holiday with me, at the sea, up on mountains, we are a pack, and i think this is the better way to live for them, a pack with a good leader sharing every experience and live as a big family.

conhope gaialadracuccioli domenicolaika

Owr pack’s life, on the sofa… and not in boxes…, all together and not divided, they don’t fight on against each other but they cooperate all together like a real pack. On this those picture, auntie Gaia “takes posses” of lula’s pups, and in the other picture Gaia’s daughter Laika (the sable on the left), with her owner Domenico, has come to visit us while we had about 40 days old lula’s pups. That’s our pack!

Who came to visit us, tells me they feel everything in my house it’s “built up around dogs”, and all my pups made satisfied their new family.

To ear from new owners they are happy with their new dog, is for me the most important satisfaction!


monti montagna4 monti2
On Mountain

mare gambulaga1 muraballe

at the sea, lake and park to play with friends

I can’t say i’ve got “bitches”, they will have 3 max 4 litter in a life, not before 2 years/3rd heat, not after 7 years, and i wait minimum a year to breed them again.They are not pups producing machines, and pups are “my pups” too.

I live my dogs as any other owner in the world, i spend time with them, i socialize them i play with them and teach them how to be ready to front every possible situation, like any good owner must do.

biscottinomura muragioco remalmare
playing with other dogs free at the park or at the sea…

I think socialization it’s important for them, so they can be equilibrated, and so also pups will grow up in a calm and quiet place, with right adult models to take informations from, and to imitate. I let them all together from when they are able to walk by them self, and i put a lot of things around in my house and garden to let them do a lot of experiences and interact with a lot of material and ojects. I turn on surround some ours a day while i’m outside for work, so they take confidence with all kinds of rumors they will ear in the world once they are grown.

And if for any reason, they must stay with me over two month of age, i begin to do with them all the things a good owner must do, i take them to the park to play with other dogs or at the sea if it’s season, or in cenetr of the city to let them discover everithing, and to teach them how to front any situation.Or to teach them, we must not meet every dog around, bt sometimes we pass over without meet them. This it’s very important for them, they can’t stay close at home waiting for the new owner to take them away, these period are very very important and delicate for pups, so i will begin what, i hope, new owner will end.

gaiagility passaggioin3gaia
…we also play agility, and sometimes we win too!

So, let’s speak about pups, and how they grow in my house

congaia3 incasananna leoamelie
they are free most of the time, and they are free to interact with adults…

I let people and children come and visit my house and pups, so they socialize as soon as possible with different “human samples”

trasportino sedutibiscottino yle
here them taking confidence with kennel, and … with guests

…guest like childs and disabled person too, because for dogs it’s not obvious f.e. a child it’s a human pup, they needs to meet every human shape and age

I too have a cat, so they socialize and take confidence with cats, and if new owner have one, pups are already trained to live with.

colbimbo colmicio passerella
On the Picture pups with a child, a cat and a raise


tuttiseduti ricercaolfattiva1 pappa


Sometimes i spare food on the floor and then when they become more able, on the grass, so they begin to use smell. But usually we have all our rituals with food, i don’t give to them anything until they are not all on sit and quiet, so they learn to reach calm to obtain something. this is important, so they will also use mind and not only istinct, and it’s very important for self control.They also must learn there is a time to play and a tiime to sleep, sometimes you can do what you like and sometimes you can’t… and sometimes you also have to do something you don’t like. They learn to search for owner’s look to ask something, ask for an help or to find agreement. I take them up and touch them every day, and i teach them to use theet gently.

I put them microchip, i deworm them at least 2 or 3 times, and do analisys to find worms before i vaccinate them. 1000 euros seems too much but believe me there is a lot of things to do and time to loose and knowledges to have, and i also did courses wich i paid for, to learn more about ethology.

You don’t pay for a life, you pay all the cares, the time spend, the money spend for them and theyr mother, but…

and… at last i must trust in you, if you want my pups! because they are like childs for me so i want the best chance for them!