Why Baiuland


why this name for my white swiss shepherd kennel?

It’s not easy to find an original name for a kennel, snow, flake, white, wolf… everything it’s used in a lot of names…

I also needed a name speaking of me, of us…of owr story!


I breed white swiss shepherd but i also has got 2 border collies, a little old mixbreed bitch and a sable german shepherd mix, Gaia.Well, Gaiulin it’s a smart nick ued for her from me and friends at dpg park when she were a pup, but as she uses very often to bark, expecially when other dogs play fighting… she becames Baiulin (a mix between Gaiulin and barking in owr local language)

Friends at the park began to call me Baiulin, then i put Baiulin in my facebook name, so i became baiulin for all mu facebook’s contacts…

And so, if we think i always have the “bad idea” to teach my dogs to bark at request …and all my dogs are “noisy”…because after that, when they are not sure ofwhat you want fronm then, they try with barking…what better name than “baiuland” for my kennel?

And at last i decided for “club” because this is not a farm this is a special place for special dog, by the way we are a club…

So it became BAIULAND CLUB

I think now you are curios about who is gaia… she is…GAIA