Why a White Swiss Shepherd


I always loved pets and nature, since i was a baby, but, my preferences were for dogs. My parents didn’t wanted a dog at home, so i always used to play with my neighbour or my grand mother dogs.

I love all dogs but, i always had a better feelings with german shepherds and german shepherd mixes, so like for a lot of people in the world, for me “dog=german shepherd”.

My first dog, all and only mine dog, were a german shepherd mix, maybe mixed with belgian. I got it from a friend, when he was a year old and he lived with me for 10 years. When he died, i was looking for working sable german shepherd but my ex boyfirend found an advice of german shepherd mix pups searching for home, i was not convinced, i would like to own a pure breed one this time, but he took appointment, we went to see the litter and, when i sow parents and grand parents,i fell in love with them, with their line and character, and they seemed to be ealthy even if they were old and not cured as it’s necessary, so… i took the pup with me.

Leo, i called him, was terrible, energic, wild and strong… but, after some month, he became the more fantastig dog i ever seen, sure of himself, with a good self control, intelligent, with working attitude, athletic and healthy…

I’m sorry but i do not like anymore the “look” of mordern german shepherds, i prefer 1920-30 looking, or my not pure breed leo (he were son of a working bitch and an almost pure but right in the back stud), and when i sow White Swiss picture, i found they were very similar to the kind of dog i was searching for. So, like a lot of “old kind german sheperd” fans, “i tried” whites.

Nowe i live alone, dogs are become 7, 2 white bitches and a white stud, the last arrived when, sadly, leo died, and i have 4 other dog and, to be full and complete, also a cat.

This is how i started this fantastic adventure! and This are all My dogs